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Moon Fog & Skyline - By: (Atmospherics)
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i like to tell people when i need to go pee

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Artist: Tablo (타블로 of Epik High)
Song: Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
Album: Fever’s End (열꽃) Part.1 EP

Bumkey always does lovey-dovey songs and I love them but it’s awesome to hear him contribute something different. As the serious tone of this track insists, this is a serious song about being in your lowest state - pretty much the rock bottom of your life - and having the one you love experience the darkness in you. Tablo beautifully expresses the guilt and helplessness of one in this situation.

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You’re not leaving me behind, right?


if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you

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where did this come from and why can’t I stop saying it (via black-hell)

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